Importance of Trails

Rail Trails Benefit People & Nature By

  • Improving the quality of life for the entire community. 
  • Restoring vitality to damaged and abandoned land. 
  • Connecting people with the natural world and providing outdoor recreation opportunities. 
  • Attracting visitors who purchase lodging, food and recreation services. 
  • Preserving part of our local history. 
  • Educating children and adults in outdoor classrooms. 
  • Providing refuge and safe migration routes for wildlife. 
  • Preserving biodiversity of plants and animals. 
  • Providing alternate transportation routes. 
  • Increasing the value of nearby homes. 
  • Offering sanctuaries of calm to escape the stress of modern life. 

Hiking, Walking, Running, Biking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, and Horseback Riding.