Guidelines for Using the Trail

Please, for the safety and enjoyment of all

  • Respect Our Neighbors; Stay on the Trail 
  • No Firearms or Hunting on the Trail 
  • No Camping, Fires or Alcohol on the Trail 
  • Clean Up After Your Pet 
  • Do Not Disturb Vegetation 
  • Carry Out What You Carry In
  • Do Not Remove Items From the Trail
  • No Metal Detectors
  • Do Not Block Trailhead Access Gates



  • If you are overtaking someone, please make your presence known.  A lot of people on the trail are wearing earbuds, and may not hear your approach.  "On your left", or, simply "Hello", alerts a person to your presence and intention. 
  • There are a lot of dog walkers on the trail.  If you are there with your dog, please be sure you have reliable control of your dog. Do not let your dog approach other people or dogs.  If you encounter someone walking their dog, pass them on the opposite side of where their dog is; for example, if the dog is on their left, then you should pass on their right. Keep the owner of the dog between you and their dog.
  • If you are hiking a section of trail where ski tracks have been laid down, please don't walk in them.
  • Horses can react quickly and violently if startled. Never assume the rider has complete control of the horse.  If you see a horse on the trail, stop, move to the side of the trail, but stay clearly visible.  If you are on a bicycle, stop and dismount.  If uncertain, ask the rider of the horse what you should do. 
  • Most importantly, be kind and have a wonderful time out on the trail!