Saturday Work Crew - 11 August 09:00 AM

Ontario Pathways will have a Saturday work crew this Saturday August 11th, starting at 9:00 AM. We will meet at the OP Barn on Depot Road in Aloquin. ( if you arrive late, we will be about a mile down in the trail to the south east towards Stanley.) OR you could park at Goose Street and walk in that way as it will be about a half mile in.

Directions: This is on our Canandaigua Leg of the trail. Depot Road is just west of the Aloquin Bridge that carries our trail over Rt, 5&20. It is a dead end, just park on the grass in front of our barns.

We will have the services of 7-12 boy scouts helping out.

The task will be to drive the OP trucks and trailers from the OP barns heading to Goose Street.
(1) We have a washed out spot we have to bring back the stone and fill in the rut.
(2) We will also clear out the drainage ditch loading the logs and brush on the OP trucks and trailers.

We stop by noon. Please email if you plan on attending so I know how many tools to bring.