Saturday Work Crew - July 14 09:00 AM

We are having an Ontario Pathways work crew this Saturday morning - 9:00 AM July 14th at Old Mill Road, Stanley. This will be a general trail clearing crew like our Wednesday crew does. Some sicklebar trimming followed by people with pitch forks clearing the trail.

The late spring has us behind schedule and the trail from Old Mill toward Stanley is getting choked off with side growth. We will meet at Old Mill Road at the trail crossing and work towards Stanley starting at 9:00 AM finish by Noon (or before if to hot). If it is raining, I post a cancelation notice by 8:00 AM. If you can make it, please send a note to so we know how much equipment to bring.

Directions: Just as you enter Flint from the west heading to Geneva on routes 5&20 is a cross road. North is County Road 20 (our BOCES Parking lot is right there) South is Old Mill Road. Turn right and head south on Old Mill. The next cross road is Charlton Road, continue on Old Mill about a quarter mile and the trail head on there. Look for road signs and/or I should be there.