Wednesday Weekly Maintenance - 8:30 AM Wed Oct 18

We will meet on Wed, Oct. 18 at 8:30 at Gifford Rd. for our second time. This will be the final stretch to complete the entire trail in 2017. We had a great crew on Oct. 11 and cleared the denser portion of the trail. The last mile is wooded and beautiful.

Once the entire trail is completed, weather permitting, we can return to sections that have grown since we last trimmed them. If you know of any trail section that has become overgrown during our extremely wet spring and summer, let me know and we can try to return there. Also, Tim mentioned trimming the “loop” trails. These are trimmed only to a width which will accommodate hikers. They are not for horses or mountain bikes.

We typically run five gas powered machines: one telescoping pole saw and four sickle bars. Usually, experienced workers run the power equipment. Others trim with loppers and use pitch forks to toss the trimmed brush off the trail.

After completing a morning’s work, the crew gathers for coffee and camaraderie at a nearby restaurant. If you’re interested in working with a great group of folks keeping the trail in tip-top condition, contact Doug: