General Information

Ontario Pathways is a twenty five mile system comprised of a 23.3 mile multi-use rails to trail with an additional three loop trails for another 1.7 miles of a hiking only trail.  Located in Ontario County, the trail is open year round from dawn to dusk and is free to the general public to use. 

Our main trail is composed of two “legs” of abandoned railroad corridors,  the Canandaigua leg from Canandaigua to Stanley and the Phelps leg from Stanley through Flint, Seneca Castle, Orleans and ending in Phelps. Each leg is approximately 11.5 miles.  Our main trail is a multi-use, non-motorized trail open to hiking, bicycling, running, jogging, horseback riding, plus it caters to hobbies of birding, geo-caching, letterboxing and botanical walks.  Winter months include snowshoeing and cross country skiing. 

The three Loop Trails are reserved for hiking only.  All are located on the Phelps leg with distances of 3 tenths, 4 tenths and a one mile trail through the woods along Flint Creek. (see also “Trail Description” below)   

Ontario Pathways Inc. is a privately owned, 100% volunteer non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.  Our membership numbers approximately 300. 

Funding for our organization comes from dues paying members, our annual fund raiser, The Great Pumpkin Walk™ in October, plus other fund raisers with donations from private individuals, organizations and businesses plus in-kind services and grants.    

Ontario Pathways was incorporated in 1994, purchasing from the Penn Central Corporation many of the sections that make up our trail today. With exceptions, previously sold sections were able to be bought back from land owners and/or we were able to obtain easements.  

[Updated May 2016]