Members - Annual PotLuck Dinner - Sunday April 22

Members - Join us this Sunday for our our annual get together at the Holiday Harbour Clubhouse in Canandaigua, Sunday April 22nd, from 4 to 7 PM.
Enjoy the chance to get together with your fellow members before the busy season starts... The annual awards will be given, and we'll have an informative presentation from speaker Neil Atkins, President-elect of the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association.
If you haven't already, please rsvp to Lyn at or 585 455 3529.

Parking at Wheat Road

The Wheat Road Parking lot is plowed. Please park in the lot, not on the road. The Town does not want us parking on the road so their plows can get by. Thank you.

Parking Area at Vogt Road

Please be advised that due to the nature of the new parking space at Vogt Road, it could be rather soft to drive on could causing you to become stuck. We do not plow this lot so there may also be ice and snow build up here.
Thank you
Ontario Pathways

Groomed trail sections for skiing

Ontario Pathways has groomed two sections of our trail for skiing, using donated snowmobile and shared tow-behind groomer. Come check out great skiing on the OP trail.

It's Hunting Season - Wear Bright Colors on the Trail

This four point buck was seen on our trail 11/15 (sorry, not giving away its exact location). Remember it is hunting season and although hunting is not allowed on the trail, if you are out on the trail, wear bright colors so hunters in adjacent fields can recognize you. 

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